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Repair service with a 24-hour service.

Garmat has several depannage vehicles which try to provide a 24 hour service. Is there a technical defect in your spray booth or are there other problems with your installation? Clarify your problem using the contact form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Many problems can be avoided by having a general maintenance carried out annually. Our Garmat technicians have more than 25 years of experience and are familiar with all kinds of installations!

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Many problems can be avoided by periodic maintenance.

Periodic Maintenance

An annual maintenance of your spray booth is no superfluous matter. Many problems can be avoided by planning a good annual inspection of the ventilation groups on the one hand and the cabin part on the other hand.

The maintenance of the cabin section is too often limited to replacing the ceiling and exhaust filters. However, walls also require annual maintenance.

Garmat offers 2 different types of protection to its customers: application of a strip and adhesive coating.

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Adhesive Colad Antidust

Colad Antidust is an adhesive that is often applied on new installations. This adhesive has a transparent color, a fresh scent and holds spray mist, dust and dirt well.

It is easy to apply by brush, roller or syringe. The adhesive is easy to remove with water and sponge, or with a high-pressure spray. By using an adhesive paint you can keep your cabin in clean condition and the walls will keep their beautiful white color.

This adhesive is available in 20L bottles at the price of 84€ excluding VAT.

We can apply this during the annual maintenance of your cabin.

Strip Laquer Wiltec

Stripper is a peelable coating in a white colour which is often applied on walls that already have a discolouration (read: dirt).

A masking paste is often applied underneath the strip to eliminate unevenness and ensure better peelability.

By using a comic strip your walls will regain a white colour. This coating can tolerate several oversprays and only after the layer has a sufficient thickness can it easily be stripped.

We can also apply this to your walls in combination with your annual maintenance!

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